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The Paperless Office?

Technology can be useful. It must be useful to really make a difference in people’s lives. One thing that we are seeing more and more of, and trying to do for ourselves, is look at ways of cutting down on paper, not only for ease of use and productivity but also to help reduce paper […]

Bring Your Own Devices

As well as the 3D printing revolution which we talked about in an earlier post, another trend we are seeing with companies both small and large is Bring Your Own Device or BYOD. This is something that has gained popularity over the past years, for a number of reasons, including lower potential support costs, employees […]

3D printing in your office?

There seems to be a rapidly evolving revolution happening… Not only in the US, but here in the UK too, and across the world. How about printing something, an object, when you needed it? Yes, literally printing it on your desk using a machine which you can now buy for a feww thousand pounds. Sounds […]

Hello world!

Welcome to our new website! Please do have a look around and let us know what you think. We are very keen to get feedback from you if we have missed something that you need to know. We are going to be posting regularly about Oasis news and also some helpful (we hope!) posts on […]